Oster 76 Blades


Brand Oster

Oster's newest 76 blade design offers the same great, long lasting performance as the old blades and run 20 degrees cooler thanks to reduced friction design. That means they don't build up as much heat and they go longer between sharpening or replacement. We have 12 Oster Blades for your 76 Clipper starting at just $24.00 (#1 blade pictured).  These blades fits Classic 76 Clippers, OCTANES, Powerlines, A5s, Special Edition 76's (camo,woodgrain,pink,etc) and more!  Replaces any 70 series blade application.

Note: Some customers ask why the blade no longer has "AgION" stamped on the blade. The answer: Oster no longer puts that on the blade. So if you see "AgION" on the blades that our competitors sell online it is for one of two reasons - #1 their picture of the blade is old OR #2 The blades they are selling are old stock. We are shipping the only 76 blade Oster currently makes for the barber line. All of our blades (and clippers) are factory fresh. So rest assured you are getting the newest/latest products available.